The Role of Dalham Parish Council in Dealing with Planning Applications

When a planning application is submitted to Forest Heath District Council, the Parish Council is consulted. Planning applications are discussed at regular meetings, or at a planning meeting, if they are received between main meetings. Meetings are advertised on the Parish Council notice board outside Dalham Village Hall and on the Parish Council website (

If the Council considers that an application will have an impact on neighbouring properties, it will notify the applicant and neighbours about the meeting and invite them along to discuss the application with councillors during the Open Forum prior to the start of the meeting. This gives councillors an opportunity to find out more about the application and how neighbouring residents feel about it.

It is always a good idea for an applicant to engage with neighbours and the Parish Council as possible problems can often be resolved at an early stage. The Parish Council will listen to residents' views and may ask questions about the application. The Council will then decide on its response during its main meeting.

The Parish Council is a statutory consultee which means that although it is consulted on planning applications and can submit a response, the final decision is made by the planning authority, in this case Forest Heath District Council.

If you ever have any queries about planning applications, feel free to contact the Parish Clerk or speak to one of the parish councillors. The e-mail address for the Parish Council is or you can ring the Parish Clerk during office hours on 07880 686069.

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